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Marie's Production Treasures 1

Marie Segal's Production Treasures ! * Marie's Production Treasures 1 * Brooch Findings * Marie's Production Treasures 2

you will be refunded if items are no longer available Or partial refund as needed

Alphabet Stamps Set $2.00

45 Alpabet & Number Blocks (wooden) $3.00

Set of 15 Number Blocks (wooden) $1.00

set of 15 Alpabet Blocks (wooden) $1.00

You can reconstitute these clays by adding Mold Maker or the Liquid Softener

Silver color chain 5 for $5.00

Gold color chain 5 for $5.00

Turquoise opal Cabachon $3.00 (20 pc)
10 pack Turquoise opal Cabachon $20.00
Assorted Faux Moon Stone $3.00
10 pack Faux Assorted Moon Stone $20.00
Assorted Faux Hematite Stone $2.00
10 pack Assorted Faux Hematite $10.00

Variegated Black

25 Leaves $14.99

Close-out $24.99 Now $14.99 each

2" Grape Vine Wreath

$.25 each

10 pack 2" Grape Vine Wreath $2.00

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