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Marie's Production Treasures 1

Marie Segal's Production Treasures ! * Marie's Production Treasures 1 * Brooch Findings * Marie's Production Treasures 2

you will be refunded if items are no longer available Or partial refund as needed

Alphabet Stamps Set $2.00

45 Alpabet & Number Blocks (wooden) $3.00

Set of 15 Number Blocks (wooden) $1.00

set of 15 Alpabet Blocks (wooden) $1.00

You can reconstitute these clays by adding Mold Maker or the Liquid Softener

Silver color chain 5 for $5.00

Gold color chain 5 for $5.00

Turquoise opal Cabachon $3.00 (20 pc)
10 pack Turquoise opal Cabachon $20.00
Assorted Faux Moon Stone $3.00
10 pack Faux Assorted Moon Stone $20.00
Assorted Faux Hematite Stone $2.00
10 pack Assorted Faux Hematite $10.00

Variegated Black

25 Leaves $14.99

Close-out $24.99 Now $14.99 each

2" Grape Vine Wreath

$.25 each

10 pack 2" Grape Vine Wreath $2.00


Marie Segal's The Hoarders Closet * * Marie Segal's Gallery

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Marie Segal's Favorite Tools

Marie Segal's Production Treasures !

Marie Segal's Production Treasures 1

Marie Segal's Production Treasures 2

Jacquard Products

Pearlex Powders 1/2-3/4oz

Pearlex Powders 3 gram

Pearlex Powders Larger sizes

Pearlex Varnish/Gum Arabic

Dye-Na Flow



Air Brush Colors

Pinata Inks

Dye-Na Flow

Cotton and Silk paper for print in InkJet printers

Transfer Paper


Artistic Wire

Regular colors

10 gauge

12 gauge

14 gauge

16 gauge

18 gauge

20 gauge

22 gauge

24 gauge

26 gauge

28 gauge

Artistic Wire

Silver colors

18 gauge

20 gauge

22 gauge

24 gauge

26 gauge

28 gauge

Artistic Wire tools

Artistic Wire Swirls/Beads

Artistic Wire Kits


CERNIT Regular Colors

CERNIT Translucent Colors

CERNIT Glamour

CERNIT Nature Colors

CERNIT Neon Colors

CERNIT Larger Sizes

Makin's Clay and Tools

Makin's Clay

Makin's Tools

Makin's Clay Cutter Tin Sets

Makin's Clay cutter Sets

Makin's Texture Sheets

Makin's Push Molds

Makin's Professional Tools

Kemper Tools

Kemper Tools Page 1

Kemper Tools Page 2

Kemper Tools Page 3

Kemper Tools Page 4

Kemper Tools Page 5

Kemper Tools Page 6

Kemper Tools Page 6a

Kemper Tools Page 7

Kemper Tools Page 8

Kemper Tools Page 9


Tie-Dye Kit





Discontinued Stuff

Discontinued sculpey Products


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