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roller and cutters
35001 - Roller and Cutters $5.49
roller and cutters

Set of 3 with 1 roller, 1 cutter and 1 wave cutter. Roll out the clay to desired thickness. Use cutters for cutting straight or wavy lines

3 Pack 35001 - Roller and Cutters $3.57 each $10.71
12 Pack 35001 - Roller and Cutters $3.30 each $39.60
makins tool kit
35002 - Tool Set $3.49
Makins tools - tips on one sideMakins tools - tips on one side

Basic tool set for cutting, texturing, and fine detailing the clay. Set of 3 includes mallet, rasp and chisel. Mallet for creating indentations, rounding textures, concaving surfaces, lining textures and clay cutting. Rasp for texturing, making patterns, creating lines, and cutting. Chisel for making small holes, dots, fine detail, surface finishing and color blend.

3 Pack 35002 - Tool Set $2.28 each $6.84
12 Pack 35002 - Tool Set $2.10 each $25.20
mixing ruler
35003 - Mixing Ruler $6.49
mixing ruler

Use for mixing 2 or more Makin's Clay® colors together to create your own desired color. The Ruler has 9 round holes indicating a certain amount of clay ranging from A to I for mixing. Examples of 42 new mixing colors are shown on the Clay Mixing Chart.

3 Pack 35003 - Mixing Ruler $4.23 each $12.69
12 Pack 35003 - Mixing Ruler $3.90 each $46.80
clay extruder
35004 - Plastic Clay Extruder $5.49
clay extruder

Use to press different designs.20 different discs are included to create many different embellishments, such as the round discs are for vines, stems, borders, and letters. The screen discs are for hair, grass, straw, and floral stamens. The flat slot discs are for weaving baskets, lattice, ribbons and bows. The square, triangle, and half round discs are for bricks, logs, borders, and can be cut and used for small beads.

3 Pack 35004 - Plastic Clay Extruder $3.57 each $10.71
12 Pack 35004 - Plastic Clay Extruder $3.30 each $39.60
Plastic Clay Clay Extruder, Mixing Ruler, Tool Set, Roller and Cutters. All for $16.77

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