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Pictures are a representaion of the color and may not show the color corrctly.

Any 6 New Opaline colors $14.34

If you want 12 assorted colors, order 2 of this

Pick any 6 colors in the New Opaline colors. Send your choices (color and code) to

All 14 New Opaline Colors $33.46

Send your choices only if you are not ordering all 14 colors

The following photos are not very good. Carnation(Flesh) - Pink - Celedon Green - Mint Green - Sand Beige

White (Porcelain) Opaline Cernit Color

White (Porcelain) Opaline

988-010 White (Porcelain) Opaline $3.19 each
6 Bars 988-010 White (Porcelain) Opaline $14.34
12 Bars 988-010 White (Porcelain) Opaline $23.04

 Opaline Cernit Color

Blue-Grey Opaline


Blue-Grey Opaline $3.19 each

6 Bars 988-223 Blue-Grey Opaline $14.34
12 Bars 988-223 Blue-Grey Opaline $23.04

Green  Opaline Cernit Color

Primary Blue Opaline

988-261 Primary Blue Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-261 Primary Blue Opaline $14.34
12 Bars 988-261 Primary Blue $23.04

Rose  Opaline Cernit Color

Carnation(Flesh) Opaline

988-425 Carnation(Flesh) Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-425 Carnation(Flesh) Opaline $14.34
12 Bars 988-425 Carnation(Flesh) Opaline $23.04

Gold Rich Opaline Cernit Color

Magenta Opaline

988-460 Magenta Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-460 Magenta Opaline $14.34
12 Bars 988-460 Magenta Opaline $23.04

Gold Turquoise Opaline Cernit Color

Pink Opaline

988-475 Pink Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-475 Pink Opaline$14.34
12 Bars 988-475 Pink Opaline $23.04

Gold Antique Opaline Cernit Color

Celedon Green Opaline

988-637 Celedon Green Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-637 Celedon Green Opaline $14.34
12 Bars 988-637 Celedon Green Opaline $23.04

Mint Green Opaline Cernit Color

Mint Green Cernit

988-640 Mint Green Opaline Cernit $3.19
6 Bars 988-640 Mint Green Opaline Opaline Cernit $14.34
12 Bars 970-214Mint Green Opaline Cernit $23.04

Sky Primary Yellow Opaline

Primary Yellow Opaline Cernit

988-717 Primary Yellow Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-717 Primary Yellow Opaline Cernit $14.34
12 Bars 988-717 Primary Yellow Opaline Cernit $23.04


Apricot  Opaline Cernit color

Apricot Opaline Cernit

988-755 Apricot Opaline Cernit $3.19
6 Bars 988-755 Apricot Opaline Cernit$14.34
12 Bars 988-755 Apricot Opaline Cernit $23.04

Caramel Opaline Cernit Color

Caramel Opaline Cernit

988-807 Caramel Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-807 Caramel Opaline Cernit $14.34
12 Bars 988-807 Caramel Opaline Cernit $23.04

Royal Primary Yellow Opaline

Sand Beige Opaline Cernit

988-815 Sand Beige Opaline $3.19
6 Bars 988-815 Sand Beige Opaline Cernit $14.34
12 Bars 988-815 Sand Beige Opaline Cernit $23.04

Violet Opaline Cernit Color

Violet Opaline Cernit

988-900 Violet Opaline Cernit $3.19 each
6 Bars 988-900 Violet Opaline Cernit $14.34
12 Bars 988-900 Violet Opaline Cernit $23.04 $23.04

Lilac Opaline Cernit Color

Lilac Opaline Cernitt

988-931 Lilac Opaline Cernit $3.19 each
6 Bars 988-931 Lilac Opaline Cernit $14.34
12 Bars 988-931 Lilac Opaline Cernit $23.04

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