Howard's Gallery

As i find the things that I have made I will put them here

not that I have made a lot of stuff !!! 

How appropriate, that i find this one first!!!

Howard Segal

copyright 1986

This is a self portrait 

of the days when I WAS 
Mr. Fimo

Howard Segal 

I used Marie's scrap clay. and slices of canes. Where it look white, is glow in the dark clay 

No I didn't make Batgirl.She just likes driving 



This is a self portraitof Marie and was my first attempt to make a wedding couple.  looks exactly like Marie's.(yeah right)not that we use it. I just wanted to make one!
Howard Segal  1986
This santa was the first 

production I did all by

myself. I though I would 

brave.  I did 600 pieces, in

between helping Marie 

with our regular production

items.  Not only was it the 

production I did all bymyself,

but also the last!!!!


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