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November 14,1995

Dear Very Valued Customers

Hi. Our names are Howard and Marie. We are addicts, that have been mainlining FIMO for 14 years.

We are now recovering FIMO addicts. Thanks to our supplier. We are now off of this addiction. And now We have learned that other products work just as well or even better. We also learned that there will be even better products coming out on the market soon. (Sold by us of course)

During the last 15 years, it has been a long and arduous uphill battle. Over the years we have had many great experiences. Positive and negative. It is now time to move on We have been overly committed to the total sales of Eberhard Faber products, (FIMO) since the first day we started using Fimo. As many of you know, we help convert your production to this marvelous new clay. Helped you work out all the difficulties that occur durning the change over. Now your products became more durable, not to mention how quickly you could ship your products.

Marie Segal started our business in 1980. She manufactured Christmas ornaments, using bread dough. In 1981 Marie added refrigerator magnets, which allowed her to have a year round business. In 1982 we switched our entire production to Fimo and added pins, earrings, necklaces and beads to our gift line.

Upon presenting our gift line, now made using FIMO, our customers asked, what is this stuff, how do you use it and where do you get it. We decided to sell and teach everyone about this new claylike product. Due to the increased sales of Fimo over the years, we started to slowly phase out our gift line production. We did this because we had the idea of concentrating on sale of raw products. It had worked very well. We added other polymer clays and assorted craft supplies.And also offered technical support to those of you in need.

Luckily we had not yet totally phased out production of our gift items. We will now be concentrating more on production. Since we will not be using Fimo, we will learn all the ins and outs of the other polymer clays. Mixing and matching for color and effect. And ofcourse the durability factor.

This now brings us to the end of a great era.

We truly regret to inform you that we will no longer be supplying or using any Fimo products. This is due to not being able to come to a desirable agreement with our suppliers. You can write to Eberhard Faber. for other suppliers Their address is on the packages of F-(word) Attention Helmut Gerber.or PHONE 011-49-9181-4300 (California time +9 hours) or FAX 011-49-9181-430-222 (anytime)

We will continue supporting all other products we currently stock and in the future will be adding other supplies and of course bringing out our entire gift line items again. We will not be giving technical support on any FIMO products.

We are greatly sorry if this causes any distress and stress to you. I know there are many suppliers that may accommodate your needs.

Thank you and Good Luck

Howard and Marie Segal

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